The vineyards of Monte Gorna

Sosta Tre Santi, Etna sparkling winesA unique territory in the world

In trecastagni, at the foot of one of the extinct craters at the base of the Etna volcano, there are the ancient vineyards of Monte Gorna, with their terraces in lava stone, renovated and replanted with native vines of the Etna Doc: Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio for red, Carricante and Catarratto for white. The quality of the soil is enriched by the crumbling of different lavas and by eruptive materials.

37.6482865 15.0741382The vineyards of Monte Gorna

Monte Gorna is an extinct volcanic cone from 393 BC. It lies in the municipality of Trecastagni, on the southeastern side of Etna, in addition to the vineyards it is rich in woods and gorse and a wonderful view of the sea.

Soils composed mainly of volcanic sands, very rich in minerals; the composition of the eruptive materials gives rise to compound soils, made up of small pumice, called “ripiddu”. It has a high draining capacity and is rich in potassium, which plays an important balancing function in the ripening of the grapes.


Average temperate climate, with an average annual rainfall of about 1,000 mm and strong temperature variations between day and night.

Vineyard training system

Counter-espalier with spurred cordon.

Grape variety

Carricatante, Nerello Mascalese

1000 mm
Average annual rainfall
6000 ca.
Plants per hectare
60 quintali
Yield per hectare