Spumante DOC Etna


From Nerello Mascalese, main vineyard on mount Etna, here there is the main ingredient for spumante wine 60 months with classical method.

It came out for the first time in 2018 limited edition to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Cantine Nicosia, this Extra Brut Spumante wine from Nerello Mascalese grapes observes – hence the name “Sessantamesi” (sixtymonths) – 5 years of refinement on yeasts in bottle. A maturation period much longer than the one established by technical regulations for DOC Etna, able to give a high-complexity and elegance of taste and smell with a classical method and a unique personality.


Carefully selected grapes are hand-picked when company technicians identify the right moment to obtain the basis for spumante wines, which need a high level in total acidity and a low level of sugar. Collected grapes, following wine-making process in white, are softly pressed and only the first pressing is devoted to this product, with consequent yields of 50-60%. Fermentation lasts 3 weeks at controlled temperature. The wine is refined in stainless steel pools up to the following spring, when it is put in bottle with yeasts and activators to start the second fermentation.


It rests 60 months on yeasts and fine lees; then remuage, disgorgement, levelling and packing. Next, it is left to refine in bottle for at least 6 more months before it is gets to the market.


100% Nerello Mascalese


Extra Brut

Grado Alcolico

11.5% vol.

Acidità totale

7,5 g/l (+/- 0.5)

Temperatura di servizio


Tasting notes


Straw yellow with golden nuances.


High smell intensity and complexity with hints typical of breadcrust and yeast, dried fruit, nuances of honey and evolutionary notes, result of long refinement.


Very delicate and persistent.


Its flavour expresses great elegance and mineral taste, an excellent structure and a marked acid vein. Overall it is harmonic and with long persistence.


Excellent to drink even out of main meals, it matches well with risotto dishes stirred with cheese, smoked fish, crustaceans, bottarga. To drink even as aperitif to accompany mortadella and parmesan cheese.